Curtis Johnstone

November 23, 2011

Two Great Native Windows Utilities that are Rarely Used

Two very useful but rarely used Windows utilities that are shipped with almost every major Windows O/S:

  1. Microsoft Windows System Information Utility (msinfo32.exe)
    • Launch “msinfo32.exe” from the command line or Run Window.
    • This utility provides a nice detailed report about your computer’s hardware configuration, computer components, and software, including drive drivers.
    • You can export the results to a file.
  2. Microsoft System Configuration (msconfig.exe)
    • Launch “msconfig.exe” from the command line or Run Window.
    • From this utility you can control how your system start’s up including the O/S boot order and which device drivers are loaded.
    • There is also a very handy Tools tab that lists other system tools. You pick any took and directly launch into it.

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