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July 8, 2013

A Quick Overview of the Mailbox App

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Below is an easy pictorial overview of the user experience with the Mailbox app and a Gmail inbox. In a nutshell – this app is successful because you can deal with email in one swipe – that is: move it from your “mailbox” (your attention span) with one of 4 actions: Snooze, Archive, Delete, Categorize.

There are 4 main Swipe actions:

  1. Fast to the Right – Archive it
  2. Slow to the Right – Delete it
  3. Fast to the Left – Snooze it
  4. Slow the Left – Categorize it (into a list)

Tip: everything you do in the Mailbox app is reflected in the Gmail client.   Personally I don’t like this because it messes with my native experience, but others who buy into the zero-inbox philosophy will love it.

It Subscribes to the “Zero-Inbox” Philosophy – first run offers to “Archive Everything” to get you started.

(in the Gmail world, archiving just removed the “inbox” label from your message and it is available as a separate ‘folder’/label = All Mail)


The 4 Major Swipe Actions are Represented as Icons on the Top Bar – the drawer icon is your All View:

(brown = lists; yellow = snooze; blue = drawer (inbox); green = archive; orange = delete)

clip_image004 clip_image005

Categories (Lists) – to file messages


Snooze Options:


Easily Categorize any Message:


Main menu give an overview of the Snoozed (i.e. Later), Categorized (i.e. Lists), and Archived mail:


The Categories (Lists) match Labels in the native Gmail client (the app probably created these)


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