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July 28, 2011

iTunes – The Library Files and Adding to the Library

The iTunes “Library” is really and index into all your media and applications; not really a library of content per se.

It consists of two files:

  1. iTunes Library.itl
  2. iTunes Library.xml

On Windows 7, the “Library” (these 2 files) are located in the path “\Users\<username>\My Music\iTunes\“.

For more information see this link: iTunes: What are the iTunes library files?

To add media to your iTunes Library that resides in a folder other than the default iTunes library folder, Import them in iTunes. That adds those files to the Library index, but keeps the actual media (e.g. mp4 file) in the original folder.

On the Windows version of iTunes use the “Add File to Library” or “Add Folder to Library” functionality.

For more information see this link: iTunes: About the Add to Library, Import, and Convert functions

This will add those files or folders to the iTunes index (Library) so that you can access them from iTunes and synchronize the content with other devices.

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