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July 21, 2011

Microsoft Office 365 Plans–Summary

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Microsoft Office 365 is available for purchase is different “Plans” and in different combinations of features.

There are standalone plans for Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint Online, or they can be purchased together in an Office 365 Suite Plan.

There are primarily two types of Office 365 Suite Plans:

  1. P Plans = Professional / Small Business
  2. E Plans = Enterprise / Midsize

These are also referred to as “plan families”.  There are also a Kiosk Worker component that can be added to a plan.

Office 365 for Professionals and Small Businesses (Plan P1)
– typically targeted for < 25 users, but can accommodate up to 50 users.
– includes Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint
– Exchange mailboxes have a limit of 25 Gb
– includes Office Web Apps
– currently $6 per month
– Microsoft Office Professional Plus is optional, but recommended. It can be purchased through the the admin portal
– The Office 365 Trial Guide for Plan P is an excellent resource:
– This version can be trialed free for 30 days

Office 365 Enterprise and Midsize Business (Plans E1, E2, E3, E4)
– gives you rights to on-premise versions of Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync
– E2 gives users Office Web Apps
– E3 gives access to all Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint features.
– E3 and E4 comes with Office Professional Plus (the software + licenses) for your desktops
– Since there is no specific Office 365 for education trial, the Plan E3 30-day trial experience is similar to Office 365 for education. The Plan E3 trial experience for education customers is only for evaluation purposes. This trial does not convert to a production version of Office 365 for education. For more information, contact your Microsoft account representative or partner.
– provides uptime guarantee
– pay-as-you-go pricing options is available for $24 per month
– existing BPOS customers pay $10 per month

Kiosk Worker Plans.

– K1 and K2
– K2 gives users read and write capabilities for Office Web Apps


Office 365 can be bought with individualized Component Plans or Suite Plans.

Office 365 Component Plans
Components plans are individualized plans that are available for purchase both as a standalone or part of a suite (the only exception is Exchange Online Archiving which is only sold standalone).  The following is the catalog of Office 365 component plans.

Office Professional Plus           Office Web Apps with SharePoint Plan 1
Exchange Online (Plan 1)        Office Web Apps with SharePoint Plan 2
Exchange Online (Plan 2)        SharePoint Online (Plan 1)
Exchange Online (Plan 2)        SharePoint Online (Plan 2)
Exchange Online Archiving     Lync Online (Plan 1)
Exchange Online Kiosk            Lync Online (Plan 2)

Office 365 Suite Plans
A suite plan consists of a set of component plans.  A suite is always sold at a discount relative to the sum of the prices of its components.  The following is the catalog of Office 365 Suite Plans:
Microsoft Office 365 (Plan E1)
Microsoft Office 365 (Plan E2)
Microsoft Office 365 (Plan E3)
Microsoft Office 365 (Plan E4)
Microsoft Office 365 (Plan K1)
Microsoft Office 365 (Plan K2)

Key References

  1. Office 365 for Enterprise Service Descriptions
    • individual documents describing functionality of all the services in the Office 365 plans.
  2. The Office 365 Trial Guide for Plan P
  3. Office 365 Trial Guide for Plan E
    • helps walk you through some key onboarding scenarios
  4. Office 365 Customer Purchase and Support Guide for Enterprise and Midsize
    • explains how O365 can be purchased in Components or Suites
  5. The Microsoft Office 365 Community

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